Referral Program

A great way to share with other doctors

Give 30%. Receive 1 month free.

It's a win win.

Share your unique referral link with a friend. When they sign up they'll receive 30% off their first order and you will receive 1 month credit applied to your subscription.

Your friend will receive the discount right away when they sign up using your link. You're coupon will be applied 30 days after they sign up.

Your credits accumulate and will be applied to your subscription's balance. So the more you share the more you earn.

How to participate

You must have an account to participate.

Once you have an account, login, and navigate to settings. Find "Referrals" in the menu on the left side of the screen.

There you will be able to view your unique referral code and see how many others have signed up with your link.

Lastly, share your unique link with others. When they use your link to sign up, they will see a coupon applied and you will receive a coupon as well.